As a teaching artist, Sara strives to bring every student to their highest possible self. Through a personalized focus on the individual in her work, Sara challenges each student to go beyond their perceived level of ability. 

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"For the past two years, I have had the pleasure to work with Sara for three productions. Sara's rehearsals are run with efficiency and with organization, curating each lesson to the student(s). Thus, she is not afraid to challenge and push her students with elaborate choreography; she is well-suited to support the dancer throughout the process. In the end, you learn more about yourself as a dancer and as a performer. I can attest that after my time with her, I am able to pick up choreography quicker and learned to respect the craft of dance even more. Sara's positive and fun work style fosters an environment for effective and efficient learning." -Rand R.

"Sara makes learning to dance easy and super fun! Sara’s kind yet persistent personality makes dance class rigorous and fun. She has taught me that I can achieve way more than I ever expected to and I highly recommend working with her. " -Kira R.

"Sara has been extremely influential in my journey as a performer as well as a role model.  Her artistry, creativity, and always positive attitude is extremely inspiring and she has the ability to motivate the entire rehearsal room by simply being herself and working hard as she always does...She is always so ready to help!  She has helped and is still helping me prepare for a career in the industry and is so encouraging.  I’ve never seen her back down from a challenge or not be able to solve a problem...She has taught me so much as an artist." -Miriam W.

"Working with Sara has taught me so much more than just choreography and where to place my arms. She works hard to get to know each student which helps us connect more with what we’re doing on stage, I have been working with Sara for three years now and I’m always so blown away by her creativity...Sara has taught me how to carry myself gracefully on stage and off, as a performer as well as a person and has given me advice that will stick with me forever. She’s really an amazing person to get to know and to have the pleasure of learning from." -Gaby A.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Sara Gallo for two years now, and I absolutely love every minute of it! I was never the strongest dancer in the bunch and was afraid to put myself out there in fear of look sloppy compared to everyone else. But with Sara, dance is so much more than just counts, choreography, and placement. Sara taught me something many choreographers cannot teach, and that is the concept of fun! Because of Sara, I am able to pick up choreography much quicker and unafraid to dance in front of large crowds on the stage! In addition to her kind and fun personality, she is encouraging and positive, inspiring us to always stand back up even when we fall down. Sara has taught me some of my favorite dance combinations that I still remember to this day and constantly dance to. I cannot wait for another two years of dancing with her and learn what else she has to teach me! " -Ava N.