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Coach with Sara

Sara has been a voice teacher, choreographer, and performance coach for 8 years, specializing in young artist education. Sara thrives to help each student push past their boundaries to discover their full potential, both on and off stage.

Coaching Services


  • Voice Lessons

  • Audition Coaching

  • College Audition Prep & Mentorship

Online Lessons            $70/45 mins      $90/60 mins

In Person Lessons     $90/45 mins      $110/60 mins

**In Person Lessons restricted to North Jersey & NYC

"Sara's instruction is truly exceptional. As a performer, self-doubt can often cloud one's potential, yet Sara's unwavering support and guidance consistently reinforced my abilities and fostered a sense of confidence in my craft. With her unique blend of charisma, optimism, and engaging teaching style, Sara encouraged personal growth and challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone and cultivate my skills. Even as time has passed since our sessions, the impact of Sara's mentorship continues to resonate, leaving me with a profound sense of gratitude and enthusiasm."

"Working with Sara allowed me to gain confidence and skill in the material I was using for my college auditions. She had well thought out, unbiased, and clarifying answers to all of my questions and helped steer me towards the right material, audition path, and ultimately, the right decision to commit to The University of Oklahoma for my BFA in Acting. Her coaching and support gave me the strength and skill to learn and grow through such a rigorous and challenging process!"

-Miriam Worley, University of Oklahoma Acting Major '26

- Gaby Alezard, University of Tampa MT Major '25

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